About Us

The Awesome Runners Athletics Club is an Athletics South Africa (ASA) affiliated running team under the Central Gauteng Athletic Province and it was formed in March 2014 with about 10 members. The aim was to gather like-minded people who not only enjoy running, but who also to want to socialize whilst doing so. Recruitment of new members has always been on the forefront as it was a fairly new “kid on the block” and this has proven to be a fruitful exercise, with the club having tripled in growth and currently having 50 members. This however does not signal the end of recruiting, and we are recruiting on a monthly basis.

What needs to be highlighted, is that the club is run by women, with women occupying three leadership (out of the five) roles namely, the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The bulk of our members are also women and we cater for the young ones too, Awesome Juniors.

We have a number of club races annually whereby we encourage ALL members to attend as these are used as a marketing tool to promote the club. Members are however encouraged to attend other races scheduled on the calendar, where they will serve as ambassadors on the day. With the growth of the club, we are welcoming walkers too as we have noticed that not everyone is a runner.

Awesome Runners is a running club that focuses on development of athletes. The purpose of focusing on development is two-fold, one to build and cultivate talent that can eventually serve as pipeline to the national running fraternity leading to a winning nation. The other purpose is socially and health inclined since it is community building through participation in sports and living healthy lifestyle by exercising

A weekly training schedule is sent out to members which helps a great deal especially for members hoping to achieve their PB’s (personal best) at races. We are a determined, passionate & driven club focused on only being the best at what we love and enjoy doing and that is to HIT THE TAR HARD.